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Young horses

Zufre B (Radisson x Corleone)

Zufre Zufre is a 7 year old gelding. Marloes Timmer just began with him to reach her next goal, to qualify for Z. She already has him M qualified.

Bianchi (Indoctro x Emilion)


Bianchi is a 7 year old daughter of Jessica. She has earned her first points jumping ZZ (1.35m) with Folkert Kelderman, getting her predicate "ster, sport springen"

Bonardo (Hold Up Premier x Oramé)


Bonardo is a 7 year old gelding. When he was 3 years old he was third at the KWPN free jumping competition. He is jumping M (1.20m) now. He could well be our next Sensation. It's in his blood.

Carmenière (Carolus II x Oramé)

Carmenière Carmenière is a 5 year old daughter of Viura. She is like her mother a "Prok" mare. She is jumping 1.10 already with great ease

Diablo DLS (Berlin x Pacific)

Diablo DLS Diablo was born in 2008. He is very easy and has great moves. He enjoys very much the ride outs. He shows a lot of talent free jumping.

Dallas DLS (Memphis x Ekstein)

Dallas DLS Dallas was born in 2008. She is hot and sensitive.

Daniëlla DLS (Vaillant x Corleone)

Daniëlla DLS Daniella was born in 2008. She jumps with a lot of power and was assigned "ster" by the KWPN. Lysanne Keizer is riding her.

Eros DLS (Corland x Natal)

Eros DLS Eros was born in 2009.

Enzo DLS (Canturano x Pacific)

Enzo DLS Enzo was born in 2009.

Estrella DLS (Vaillant x Corleone)

Estrella DLS Estrella was born in 2009.

Emiliana DLS (Atlantic x Emilion)

Emiliana DLS Emiliana was born in 2009.

Ferrosso Blue DLS (Zirroco Blue x Emilion)

Ferrosso Blue DLS Ferrosso Blue is born in March 2010. He is our promise for the future.

Figo DLS (Emilion x Pacific)

Figo DLS Figo is born in March 2010. He is very macho.

Frontero DLS (Douglas x Indoctro)

Frontero DLS Frontero is born in April 2010. He looks a lot like his father.

Fay DLS (Canturano x Loxgraf Go (Landgraf))

Fay DLS Fay is born in April 2010. Her father is Eurocommerce Canturano.

Finella DLS (Querly Elvis (Zagreb) x Corleone)

Finella DLS Finella is a mare, born in may 2010, from the famous Portella line.

Fast Wind DLS (Querly Elvis (Zagreb) x Ekstein)

Fast Wind DLS Fast Wind is born in May 2010. He already honers his name.


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